Investing in Mauritius

Mauritius is a coveted destination for its quality of life, economic dynamism and social stability, which make it a great place to live, invest and work. You can set up a business in the country within three working days, with good governance and stable institutions to enable you to do business in the best possible conditions. Here’s how!

Mauritius at world level

Index of
African Governance – Mo Ibrahim (2018)
1st in Africa
Economic Freedom of the World Index – Fraser Institute (2018)
 7th in the world
Democracy Index – The Economist (2019)
 18th in the world and
1st in Africa
World Bank Doing Business 2020
13th worldwide
Global Peace Index 2020
23rd worldwide
Best Countries for Business – Forbes (2019)
39th worldwide and
 1st in Africa (2019)
Social Progress Index 2020
44th worldwide and
1st in africa

Why invest in Mauritius?

  • 100% foreign ownership allowed

  • No exchange control

  • No minimum capital requirement for company incorporation

  • Company incorporation within 3 days

  • Simplified permit and licencing procedures

  • Skilled bilingual workforce

  • Exemption from tax on dividends for residents with yearly earnings and dividends of less than Rs 3 million

  • Exemption from capital gains tax

  • Legal security and political stability

  • Asset security

  • Reliable Internet connection – ADSL, fibre optics, 3G and 4G networks

  • Granting of the Occupation Permit (a combination of the work and residence permits) against an initial investment of USD 50,000

  • Granting of the Permanent Residence Permit against a minimum investment of USD 375,000 in a residential property under the Smart City Scheme, PDS or IRS

  • Possibility for the spouse of an Occupation Permit holder to work and invest in Mauritius without a specific permit

  • Possibility for the parents of an Occupation Permit holder to come and live in Mauritius

Residence Permit (OP or PR) holders are allowed to purchase – for residential purposes only – a serviced plot of land not exceeding 2,100 m² within a smart city. The purchase must be made before 30 June 2022 with completion of construction within 5 years. It should be noted that foreigners have access to only 25% of the residential land within smart cities

Key steps to incorporate a company and register business activities in Mauritius

The company structure

The legal structure of a company varies according to different criteria. It is therefore important to understand what the different structures available in Mauritius are and choose the most suitable one.

Choosing a company name

You may check for the availability of a trade name online. And it’s free of charge!

Business incorporation and registration

It takes as little as 2 hours for the incorporation and registration of a company’s business activities with the Corporate and Business Registration Department (CBRD). There is no minimum capital requirement and a registration fee applies! After filing your application with the Companies Register, you will receive a Business Registration Number (BRN) and a Certificate of Incorporation.

Foreign investors are allowed to own up to 100% of a company incorporated in Mauritius provided that there is a Resident Director in the country.

Starting business activity

Businesses engaged in unregulated activities may start operations right after registration with the CBRD. A licence from the relevant authorities is required to engage in regulated business activities.

Opening a bank account

A company can open a bank account right after registration with the CBRD. A list of commercial and investment banks registered with the Bank of Mauritius is available online.

Applicable laws
Residence Permits in Mauritius