Business Stories


  • « We were looking for a new location in the upper part of the island and it just so happened that Vivéa Business Park in Moka had something like what we were looking for. It was an old refurbished shed. Moka is a particularly well serviced city with direct access to every corner of the island, which helps us with distribution. The area also provides the right climate for our business. Our cellar is climate-controlled but the mild temperatures help us save energy. »

    — Stéphane Lenoir – Eastern Trading

  • « After living in the North for a long time, I chose to open a restaurant in Moka to enjoy the quality of life in the city. I now live close to my restaurant, my children’s school and all sports and business facilities in Moka. We can’t picture ourselves living anywhere else! »

    — Mouez Rayabi, Director of L’Ardoise

  • « More than ever, Moka is an ideal place for cultural activities. Culture can be enjoyed in cultural venues, but also outdoors, in the city centre’s streets, along La Promenade. The involvement of the city’s various stakeholders in the Moka’mwad collective’s events shows the interest of residents, students and professionals in the cultural experiences available. »

    — Ketty Lim Ka Lan, Manager, Citizen Collective and Events

  • « One of our values is ‘Approachable’, meaning bringing us closer to people, making us more accessible. Location has a great advantage here. Moka Smart City is situated in the heart of Mauritius, which is great in terms of accessibility for our patients and our staff. Our proximity to the motorway gives us a competitive edge; our ambulances can get rapid access during medical emergencies. »

    — Thomas Mathew, Chief Operating Officer of Wellkin Hospital

  • « I enjoy working in Helvetia because the city has easy motorway connection, which makes Synergy accessible to patients from all over the island. I like the structure of the centre and it is the ideal workplace for me! »

    — Dev Deerpaul, Sports Therapist

  • « We are having an excellent experience at The Pod. Our employees have a quality work environment in a convenient location as well as outstanding service from the property management staff. Such services allow us to maintain a pleasant working relationship. We look forward to the future ahead of us at The Pod for years to come. »

    — BDO Solutions Ltd

  • « It’s been more than 4 years since we have moved to The Factory at Vivéa Business Park. We are delighted to have made the right choice for us and for the well-being of our team. The verdant setting exudes a motivating and dynamic atmosphere that inspires us to come to work every morning. The sugarcane growing in the surrounding fields brings a touch of history that reminds us how proud we are to be Mauritian. Having an assigned parking spot is a distinguishing feature for this ideal workplace. »

    — Spoon Consulting

  • « The Cloud Factory provides expert advice on the implementation of new technologies for medium and large-scale enterprises. Vivéa Business Park offers the ideal environment for our company. ENL’s Moka Smart City team is doing a great job to keep the park in good condition, and our clients are happy to visit a beautifully landscaped business park with such a range of amenities, parking space and an accessible location. These factors have strengthened our desire to move to Vivéa Business Park – a decision we certainly don’t regret. »

    – Vivek Mathur, Managing Partner, The Cloud Factory

  • « Working at Vivéa Business Park is a plus for the whole team. The setting is truly invigorating. Moka enjoys a central location, which makes it easy and convenient for our clients to come and see us, or for us personally to travel to other parts of the island (away from the hassle of traffic jams). It is also nice to have a reserved parking space and a childcare facility close to our office. Everything has been designed to make life easier for those who work here. »

    – Stéphanie et David Zachara, Interactivelab