Investing in Education  

Education is a priority for Moka Smart City. More than 20 educational institutions – from kindergarten to tertiary – already exist in Moka and attract both the local community and Mauritians at large. 

Why move your school to Moka?

  • 26,000 inhabitants

  • A central and easy-to-reach location

  • A pleasant climate that is neither too hot nor too cold, and ideal for learning

  • A booming economic area regrouping 40% of the workforce and 70% of the country’s purchasing power

  • A wealth of places for students to socialise: shops, restaurants, shopping, gyms, etc.

  • Quality infrastructure

  • A sustainable and carefully planned city

With Moka’s current population boom, the city aims to bolster its educational facilities and support those already present.

Where to establish your school?

  • Home to the Charles Telfair Campus which runs an international curriculum and counts 1,800 students
  • Soon to be the new city centre of the Moka Smart City: A destination that’s buzzing 24/7 where you can live, work, have fun, and take care of your wellbeing
  • A master plan thought-out to accommodate universities, polytechnical schools and training centres
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  • Known since 1993 for its various French schooling institutions: Les Petits Futés kindergarten, l’École du Centre and the Lycée des Mascareignes
  • Home to a commercial centre, a gym and wellness centre, and over 200 apartments
  • A brand new sports centre which will be unveiled in 2021
  • An unmissable spot for a number of English-speaking primary and secondary schools looking for a centralised location on the island
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