Helvétia: where everything is close by

A Prime Location

A pleasant living environment with plenty of green spaces
Central and easily accessible 
Direct access to public transport
Close to the island’s main business areas
An excellent return on investment 

Location Plan 

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Since 2010, Helvétia has been the heart and soul of Moka. One of the Smart City’s first mixed and integrated neighbourhoods, Helvétia offers an enriching and pleasant lifestyle for residents of all ages. A precursor of the Smart City’s soft mobility philosophy, all of the precinct’s essential areas are within walking distance of each other!

Helvétia’s residential area is fully integrated into Moka’s urban fabric. Well planned and in harmony with the environment, it offers a lifestyle based on authenticity and modernity. With its cycling and pedestrian paths, three access lanes, and its immediate proximity to the two national motorways, it is also well connected.

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Why Invest in Helvétia ?

  • A modern area with almost 5,000 people using its shopping centre, sports centre, school and residential areas

  • An established wellness centre run by The Hive in Synergy which offers fully equipped consultation rooms, a sauna and receptionist services

  • A local shopping centre with renowned brands such as Moka’z, l’Ardoise and Jumbo Express

  • Strict architectural guidelines guarantee the area’s aesthetic quality

  • An environmentally conscious place which obtained the LEED certification for Neighbourhood Development

  • Generous green spaces

  • A well-secured area for your business and your employees

  • Waste collecting and recycling service

  • A fair and balanced legal framework of co-ownership: property management association (Association Foncière)

  • Smart City certification provided by the Economic Development Board

  • Available for purchase by Foreign Nationals

Latest developments

    • Work in progress of the Smart City’s first residential project, Les Promenades d’Helvétia :
      • First apartment blocks and duplexes completed
      • The precinct’s first homes now under construction
    • A play area for children on La Promenade currently under construction
    • A speed display installed to better manage traffic
    • New sports facilities being planned
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Nearby facilities:

  • Educational facilities ranging from kindergarten to tertiary level
  • Medical and paramedical centres including a private clinic of international standards
  • A sport and wellness centre
  • A multisports club
  • La Promenade, a linear park which privileges soft mobility

Business Stories

“I enjoy working in Helvetia because the city has easy motorway connection, which makes Synergy accessible to patients from all over the island. I like the structure of the centre and it is the ideal workplace for me!”

— Dev Deerpaul, Sports Therapist

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