L’Avenir: Moka’s upcoming mixed-use neighbourhood

A Prime Location  

Directe and easy access via the M3 motorway
Visibility from the motorway
Close to St Pierre and its facilities and shops
A well-planned environment with quality infrastructure 
Serviced by public transport

Location plan 

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L’Avenir : Yours to seize

Moka Smart City’s new precinct, L’Avenir, stands opposite Pieter Both Mountain and the beautiful Moka range. It is well-connected to the rest of Mauritius through the M3 motorway (Terre Rouge/Verdun/Ebene) and the B49 road from Saint Pierre. La Promenade is a linear park dedicated to soft mobility that will ultimately pass through L’Avenir to ensure the best integration of the area.

The precinct extends over 130 arpents and is positioned as a mixed-use neighbourhood with a commercial and business area as well as a separate residential part.

It has direct access and visibility from the M3 motorway, which is a decisive advantage in terms of providing an ideal environment for business, warehousing and light industry uses. Land has been earmarked along La Promenade and the future “city square” for companies looking to set up their offices closer to the residential area.

As with all developments within Moka Smart City, there are stringent architectural guidelines to ensure the quality and harmony of both the residential and commercial areas as well as achieve value gains over time.

Setting up your business in L’Avenir

28 serviced freehold plots for sale 

Surface areas ranging from 1,662 to 12,067 m²

Underground water, electricity and fibre-optic services

Well-developed road network 

Why L’Avenir? 

  • A booming commercial area supported by a strong marketing campaign

  • Vast green expanses

  • A safe and secure place for the peace of mind of your company and employees

  • Specific architectural guidelines guarantee the area’s aesthetic quality

  • Seamless Internet connection through state-of-the-art network hosting infrastructure deployed by the Smart City to ensure fast and easy access provided by various Internet Service Providers using multiple cables

  • Waste collecting and recycling service

  • A fair and balanced legal framework of co-ownership: property management association (Association Foncière)

  • Certified as a Smart City by the Economic Development Board

  • Available for purchase by foreign nationals

  • Excellent return on investment: an average of 302% capital gain on land (for 12 years)

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Latest developments

  • A Smart City certified area since May 2020
  • Ongoing discussion with the authorities for a new interchange on the M3 motorway in Verdun
  • Launch of a residential area with 124 lots
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The following facilities are found within 3 km of L’Avenir:

  • Bus station 
  • Post office
  • Snacks and restaurants
  • Banks & ATMs
  • Kendra Commercial Centre
  • Les Allées Commercial Centre
  • Synergy Sport & Wellness Institute
  • Total & Shell filling stations
  • A nursery

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