Parking Facilities in Moka 

Parking? It’s Easy in Moka

A Smart City is a convenient city. That is why we’re providing generous parking spaces which comprehensively answers the needs of all Moka City users. No matter the business precinct you work in, you can head to the office with the complete peace of mind that there’s a parking spot waiting for you!

The ratio for every 100 m² of office space:

Optimal ratio 


parking spots

Imposed to developers


parking spots

Supplied by Moka


parking spots

Required ratio


times less than Moka

Optimising Space

To optimise space in the Smart City, we are opting for dedicated parking buildings and underground parking areas (as done in the new Les Fascines development in Vivéa). In mixed-use areas, we are working on solutions to provide parking spaces to office goers during the day, and residents outside of office hours. 

Did you know?

We’re busy working with French urban mobility experts to refine our parking strategies! 

Parking on La Promenade

Parking spots will be added alongside La Promenade, the linear park connecting the city’s precincts, as it develops. 

Accessibility and public transport