Setting up cultural activities in Moka

Art, culture and events are a primary vehicle for community life in Moka. The Moka’mwad collective and Moka Smart City host various events each year and the city is open to all players in the cultural and leisure sector.

What are the reasons for choosing Moka for your cultural or leisure activities?

  • 26,000 inhabitants

  • Close to the island’s major urban centres: Beau Bassin, Rose Hill, Port Louis, Ebene, etc.

  • Excellent connectivity with four access roads, including two motorways

  • An effective parking strategy

  • Cultural development is part of the objectives of Moka Smart City

Available facilities

Renting at La Kocotte Artistique
  • Les Kocottes is the name of a new 3.6-acre space located between Saint Pierre and Vivéa Business Park, with 6 former poultry houses that have been renovated and fitted out by Moka Smart City
  • Les Kocottes aims to host activities fostering art, citizenship, education, the environment, learning and social ties
  • One of the 6 buildings, named La Kocotte Artistique has been set up to accommodate the studios of artists selected for a renewable one-year period following a call for applications
  • La Kocotte Artistique has a total of five 22-33m² studios and a 45m² common area
  • The rent is subsidised by Moka Smart City and varies between Rs 5,500 and Rs 8,250 per month, depending on the studio
  • La Kocotte Artistique has been designed to provide continued support to local creation in all its wealth and diversity. The long term ambition is to add value to the creative and cultural industries in Mauritius, especially through the dissemination of works and raising public awareness of art practice.
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Renting ground-level space in the city centre
  • Telfair is set to become the centre of the smart city. It is a 24/7 destination to live, work, play and take care of yourself
  • It is a very well connected area with vibrant squares, pedestrian streets, restaurants, bars and shops as well as La Promenade running through the neighbourhood
  • A lively area from the very beginning: we are working hard with international architects and the place-making agency, Village Well to make Telfair a unique, lively destination in Mauritius
  • All the buildings along La Promenade will offer ground-floor retail space for rent, partly for cultural activities: art galleries, creative workshops, etc
  • You will also have ample terrace space and pedestrian traffic – the predominant mobility mode in the neighbourhood
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Holding cultural activities along La Promenade
  • La Promenade is the smart city’s main thoroughfare, which connects the different neighbourhoods from Telfair to L’Avenir
  • It will offer pedestrian, bike and motor vehicle paths as well as abundant nature, outdoor fitness areas and free Wi-Fi access
  • It will be lined with buildings offering ground-floor retail space and office, residential and hotel spaces on the upper floors
  • It is already quite popular with people living and working in Moka for a jog or a walk
  • The objective is to hold and host events along this avenue throughout the year to keep it alive 24/7
  • A great opportunity for artists and collectives
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A proven track record

« More than ever, Moka is an ideal place for cultural activities. Culture can be enjoyed in cultural venues, but also outdoors, in the city centre’s streets, along La Promenade, etc. The involvement of the city’s various stakeholders during the Moka’mwad collective’s events shows the interest of residents, students and professionals in the cultural experiences available. »

— Ketty Lim Ka Lan, Manager – Citizen Collective and Events

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