The Smart City Scheme : 

Invest and live in a Smart City

The Mauritian government launched the Smart City Scheme in 2015. Based on the pillars of innovation, sustainable development, efficiency, and quality of life, Smart Cities are mixed real estate developments that integrate residential, commercial, educational, medical and leisure facilities.

The Objectives of the Smart City Scheme

  • Promote new smart and sustainable urban spaces across the country
  • Consolidate Mauritius’ position as a financial hub and investment platform
  • Efficiently manage resources which contribute to social well-being and the preservation of nature
  • Create well-planned and sustainable cities as part of the “live-work-play” concept
  • Boost innovation and facilitate the establishment of businesses in Mauritius
  • Open up to the world through targeted economic activities that encourage foreign direct investment and exports

Benefits of Investing in a Smart City

For investors

VAT exemption on inputs, capital goods, installations and machinery.

An annual allowance representing 50% of capital expenditure for energy-efficient equipment and green technologies

An 8-year tax holiday for real estate development companies

The possibility of promoting projects to foreign investors

For individuals

Sustainable initiatives and soft mobility options 

The possibility of reselling their property to foreigners 

An improved quality of life with quality infrastruture

Urban services offered via ‘My Moka’ platform

A residence permit when purchasing property valued at USD 375,000 or above

Good to know! 

Following the 2020 budget, holders of a residence permit (OP or PR) can acquire – for residential purposes only – a serviced plot of land with an area not exceeding 2,100 m2 within a Smart City. This amendment makes the Smart City Scheme (SCS) one of the very few programs that allow foreign nationals to acquire land for residential purposes. To do so, the purchase must be completed by June 30, 2022, and construction must be completed within 5 years. It should be noted that foreigners only have access to 25% of residential land in Smart Cities.

Ambitions set for the territory